China has the world's highest solar power capacity of 174 GW (2018) and plans to increase it by 5x from 2020 to 2030. World's largest floating solar plant (70 MW, Anhui province).



China has the world’s biggest EV market with over 2 million vehicles sold and over 460,000 charging stations, 8x more than the USA. Over 1 million FC vehicles are aimed for 2030. US $17B of investments in FC tech are announced until 2023.



China is the world leader in wind power generation with 250 GW (2020) and largest onshore wind farm of 8 GW capacity, five times larger than the largest US farm. The aim for offshore capacity is 30 GW (2020).

Electricity Grid

Electricity Grid

Smart grid monitoring of China's ultrahigh voltage lines which distribute renewable energy from remote production sites.


The Sino-Swiss Energy Innovation Forum (SSEIForum) provides attendees with the opportunity to exchange exciting cutting-edge science & technology driven energy innovations, strategies, market developments and policies from Switzerland and China.

The forum will focus on the topics electric grid & renewables and will feature inspiring presentations from top-level industry experts, academics and startups, thereby creating a collaborative platform that connects Switzerland and China through research, technology, business exchanges and partnership.

The efforts behind the Sino-Swiss Energy Innovation Forum are driven in particular by the aim for a climate-neutral Switzerland by 2050 and China by 2060. The idea is therefore to bring the Swiss and Chinese sides together in a smaller format, where follow-ups can subsequently be encouraged.


In light of the continued spread and unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's SSEIForum will be held in a digital format.

SSEIForum is organized by Swissnex in China in partnership with the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Swiss Engineering and Presence Switzerland.

Featured Technologies

SSEIForum focuses on the following technologies:​​

  • Electricity grid

    • Energy Policies, Resilience and Building Integration, Grid and Energy Pricing/Tariffs, Need for Flexibility and Storage, Digitalization, Smart Grid, Demand Response, Forecast and Modelling, DC Power, P2X and Vehicle to Grid.

  • Renewables

    • Solar PV, Hydropower, Waste Incineration/Bioenergy, Geothermal, Blue/Green Hydrogen and Negative Emissions.

Reasons to Attend

Gain insights into cutting-edge technologies and research in China and Switzerland.


Meet leading startups, universities and companies from China and Switzerland to initiate collaboration.

Learn from insiders about the market and its opportunities and challenges.

Meet regulators and exchange thoughts about the sector’s development.

Whether you are looking to expand your network, want to learn more about current energy challenges and opportunities, or are eager to discover the latest energy innovations and research, we highly encourage you to register for the SSEIForum!



  • World's biggest clean energy investor

  • Highest solar power capacity

  • 55% of world's newly installed solar power in 2017

  • 5x solar capacity from 2020 to 2030

  • Highest wind energy capacity​

  • Biggest auto market with more electric vehicles sold than in the rest of the world combined

  • 1 million fuel cell powered vehicles by 2030

  • Over 460,000 EV charging stations

  • Coal's share in China’s primary energy mix was 58% (2018) 

       ➜  China will continue to invest huge sums in energy

  • World's most innovative country

  • Share of Swiss grid electricity from renewable sources: 68%

  • Numerous spin-offs from two world class engineering universities

  • Examples: Insolight produces the most efficient affordable solar cellsDEPsys develops smart grid technology; Energy Vault's energy storage system


Swissnex in China

is the Science Consulate of Switzerland in China, which connects the two countries in education, research, and innovation.

Swiss Federal Office of Energy

is the country's competence center for issues relating to energy supply and energy use.

Swiss Engineering

is Switzerland's leading professional association for qualified construction, technology and environment specialists.

Shanghai Energy Research Society

is an academic and scientific social organization that connects government officials and energy technology professionals.

Presence Switzerland

is part of the Foreign Ministry of Switzerland and in charge for the image and communication abroad.


Dr. Felix Moesner

Science Consul & CEO

Swissnex in China

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Nils Feldmann

Project Coordinator

Swissnex in China